Monday, July 7, 2008


(Or will it be more like this? ...)

Here's hoping Bertha sizzles out.


Why not get rid of "vaccine court" and bring paid lawyers back on the job for vaccine-injured childen?

(Currently, families who want to pursue legal recourse for vaccine injury must find a lawyer who will work for free for them for as long as it takes to win their case in the government's vaccine court. The government's lawyers are, of course, paid.)

It is just wrong that American citizens have to use this broken system to get justice.

But anyway, this post was originally going to be about HPV Vaccine. Read this:

Also, check out this blog: The family wants to be clear that they are not pointing fingers at the HPV vaccine as causing their daughter's paralysis. But it seems to me, from looking at the sheer number of adverse events being reported to our public health authorities, that Jenny is definitely not alone. Lord, please heal her body. Please spare young girls from harm and bring justice to those whose carelessness is hurting others!

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