Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Aside

This post has not one iota of relevance to vaccines, but I have such a heart for this family that I wanted to spread the word any way I could. I know many of us know a family that has had trouble starting a family, and in my little sphere of life, this family is that one I am always hoping for.

James and Emily Haughery are the son-in-law and daughter of a family in my church, and they have been through more pain than anyone I know. After miscarriages and general difficulty getting pregnant, they finally had that dream baby in March 2005. But little Alivia was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after her first birthday and tragically, did not live much longer after her second. It is the saddest story I've ever known. The happy part is that Alivia's joy is complete, as we believe she is present with the Lord, and her parents will see her again.

James and Emily also attempted to adopt a baby boy this past October (through the foster care system, I think), but the birth mother changed her mind and they lost that baby as well. I believe that, ultimately, God has many mysterious purposes in the Haugherys' suffering, and that at the end of all days we will finally understand. But for now, those of us who know this family are just hoping they will receive the blessing of healthy children! If you feel so inclined, visit to become a part of helping this dear couple.

Alivia's story can be seen at

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Crystal said...

Wow, this is amazing. I sometimes wonder why I've been given autism to deal with. Maybe one day, I and the Haughtery's, will know why our path has led us down this road. God bless them.