Friday, October 17, 2008

Sample Exemption Form

I found the following document on Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's Web site (under Vax Forms). I have been thinking about creating my own documents for each vaccine (ha, if I ever get to it!) stating my reasons for not choosing to use it (should we choose not to). But for anyone looking for a standard exemption document, I thought this was pretty straightforward and helpful. I appreciate that it states specifically that there are no guarantees 1) regarding the efficacy of a vaccine nor 2) regarding a safe outcome.

Thank you, once again, Dr. Tenpenny. Here is the document:

We, _________________________, hereby state that we have chosen not to vaccinate our child,_________________ because we are philosophically opposed to the concept of vaccines.

We maintain this is a responsible and ethically justifiable position for the following
-vaccination is a medical intervention performed on a healthy child that has the ability to result in injury or death of that child;
-the fact that there can be no guarantee that the deliberate introduction of killed or live microorganisms into the body of a healthy child will not compromise the health or cause the death of that child, either immediately or in the future;
-no predictors have been identified by medical science that can give advance warning that injury or death may occur in any individual child;
-there are no guarantees that the vaccine will indeed protect the child from contracting a disease;
-there is an absence of adequate scientific knowledge regarding the way vaccines singly, or in combination, act in the human body at the cellular and molecular level.

Therefore, we believe that vaccination is a medical procedure that could reasonably be termed as experimental each time it is performed on a healthy child.

Our state law makes provisions for non-vaccination of children whose parents object to vaccines for religious or philosophical reasons. We accept full responsibility for the health of our child, and because of philosophical conviction, do not wish our child vaccinated. In the event of any infectious condition, our child would of course remain at home. We further understand that during the course of an outbreak of any so called "vaccine preventable disease" would occur at your facility, our child is subject to exclusion from your facility for the duration of the outbreak.
_____________________________ ____________
Signature Date
______________________________ ____________
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