Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Academy Thinks You're Stupid

It would be one thing if the American Academy of Pediatrics actually used this recent letter to doctors to calmly and professionally discuss vaccine injury and parental rights. But they've dug in their heels, insulted everyone who's not an expert on vaccines, and if you had trouble with your pediatrician before regarding your child's vaccines, it may very well get worse.

"When you can't reason, insult."

Parents, stay vigilant! You ARE correct to research your child's vaccines. It will take work, but the information is out there, and it's in medical journals and CDC documents - not just wacky Web sites as anyone who opposes you is likely to suggest! You are doing the right thing. YOU, and only you, have God-given authority over your child. Be empowered. You are not alone.

What can you do?
- Contact your federal and state representatives and tell them you want your medical rights protected - we want informed consent on vaccination, a medical procedure that carries risks, and we want the option to take exemptions on vaccines. Ask them to do all they can to protect our medical rights.
- Be prepared to discuss the facts you have discovered regarding vaccination with your child's pediatrician. Personally, I am working on a binder with dividers for each vaccine/disease that I can carry with me anywhere, open it up and point right to the information I need. A good book on vaccines would also do the trick. (Do an Amazon search on vaccine books by Stephanie Cave or Neil Z. Miller)
- If you're feeling saucy, give the AAP a call and tell them you do not appreciate being insulted for taking a reasonable look at the risks and benefits of vaccines. The motto on the AAP Web site is "Dedicated to the Health of All Children" - and since the former NIH Director, Dr. Bernadine Healy, recently said that "there is this susceptible group" (who is sensitive to vaccines), then perhaps the Academy needs to take it down a few notches and admit that not all children need all those vaccines. 847/434-4000 (Elk Grove, IL, headquarters) 202/347-8600 (Washington, D.C. office - Dept. of Federal Affairs)

Go get 'em.

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