Saturday, June 7, 2008

Real Families. Real Hurt. Real Change Needed.

DC Rally Pictures
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Video Coverage
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And seriously? No news in any major papers? I searched Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS... Found a few things in smaller news outlets, and one blurb on WJLA, the Washington ABC affiliate. Nothing very substantial, and nothing giving credence to the protestors' message. Reminds me of when the March for Life comes to town - the papers virtually ignore tens of thousands of protestors marching in the bitter cold of January through Washington.

There are some truths that are, unfortunately, very inconvenient.


roxtarchic said...

ok... i'll try this again (first comment is in no mans land apparently)...

AMAZING isnt it that there wasnt any major news coverage of this. it really makes you start believing in all the conspiracy theory's (which arent really theory's are they)?

I'm a new mom, who like you, have recently decided (after reading EVERYTHING i could get my hands on) that we're not vaccinating our son based on the 'recommended' schedule... we'll vaccinate him, so he can attend school... but it'll be selective and painstakingly researched (by ME) every step of the way...

it makes me crazy... out of my mind angry... that our children are disposable for profit!

Sara said...


Thanks for your comment. I know - this is one topic so taboo, not even friends who are on the same page as me in other controversial circles will listen. I wish you luck in your research. Do you live in a state with strict exemptions? Try asking a local chiropractor for advice, if you haven't already. Mine has been very helpful, encouraging me to not be afraid of the school system - his kids are in public school and all it took was one signature. But perhaps you are working on this already! And I know that in PA, we have a broad religious exemption, so it may be easier here than where you are.

Again, thanks for coming by! Keep up the good work - you are doing your children a great service!