Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Amish Autism

This is my life: I get on my computer to check for one email or look at my online banking statement, and I get sucked into another vaccine story. Before I know it, half an hour has passed. Or, I'm feeding my son lunch and while he sits in his chair munching Cheerios, I stare off into space thinking of the next person to call, the next thing to write about, or what question I should next leave on the CDC's voicemail and never hear back from them on.

But anyway, here's the story that sucked me in today. Thanks, Dan Olmsted, of Age of Autism.

"So where are we, friends? We're badly in need of the whole truth and nothing but – the kind you get from a powerful, expensive, independent, transparent, urgent study of vaccinated-versus-never-vaccinated American children." -- D. Olmsted

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