Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Gentleman from Indiana

Since today is my son's birthday, I don't have much time to post, but I wanted to put up a link to some very compelling Congressional Committee Meeting testimonies. Rep. Dan Burton (R-Indiana) has been a champion for parents and their injured kids on Capitol Hill. I know they are long, but even just looking at the April 6, 2000, testimony would be a good start.

I found these through a book my chiropractor lent me. (Most who've blazed this trail before me know that chiropractors often --or always? -- do NOT vaccinate... I just found that out, but I am curious to know what they are learning that the medical schools are not teaching M.D.s ...) The testimonies, given to the U.S. Committee on Government Reform, are unfortunately not available on the Library of Congress Web site (THOMAS), because they do not archive committtee meetings. I spent a few minutes looking for them on the Government Printing Office site and the Reform Committee site but couldn't spend any more time. Thank goodness for vaccine safety groups and moms with autistic kids who are fighting tooth and nail to keep this information from being buried forever in some drawer in Washington.

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