Thursday, April 17, 2008

A New Film on Autism

Thanks to Age of Autism for this information.

Thank you, David Kirby, for being just plain awesome. I love that when the CDC finally issued a statement on vaccine safety after Hannah Poling's case hit the news, they felt it necessary to try to discredit you throughout the whole thing. Do you think you hit a nerve? :)
[EDIT: If you decide to read the CDC's mantra in that statement above, be sure to read this breakdown by Ginger Taylor, M.S., who runs the Adventures in Autism blog. She nails it.]


Available on Amazon ($20)

"At a time when Big Medicine, Big Government and Big Media are trying hard to make the vaccine-autism debate go away, along comes a quiet little film like “Autism Yesterday” to throw a wrench in the establishment’s best laid plans to stifle the pesky vaccine chatter once and for all." -- David Kirby

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