Monday, April 21, 2008

On Capitol Hill

Barbara Loe Fisher, vaccine safety advocate since the early 1980s, has a re-cap of an important meeting that took place on Capitol Hill on Friday, April 11th, on her blog, Vaccine Awakening. I am glad to know that lawmakers are opening their doors once more to hear from parents of injured children, as well as other Americans concerned about the "crisis of trust" in the vaccination schedule. Like, Barbara, though, I hope it "was not just an old day dressed up in new clothes."

I hope to make some calls to Capitol Hill this week to find out a little more about how we, as concerned parents, can lobby our elected officials (remember, they work for us!) to take this very seriously.

Some thought-provoking quotes:

"SafeMinds board member Jim Moody, JD, commented that a lack of credible scientific studies demonstrating vaccine safety makes the application of one-size-fits-all vaccine policies on the entire child population an uncontrolled 'scientific experiment.'"

"Attorney Patty Healy, who was a former biotech scientist and is NVIC's Director of Counseling, told the Committee that when she became a new Mom eight years ago, she looked at the science for vaccine proof of safety and found it so lacking in substance that she made the difficult decision not to vaccinate her daughter."

"Young parents today, who trusted doctors to give them good advice about how to keep their children well, do not understand why their children are never well when they have been given twice as many vaccines as children in previous generations received. They want a full-scale, transparent scientific investigation into all potential environmental causes of autism and other chronic immune and brain disorders conducted by extra-mural researchers who are not connected to vaccine makers and policymakers with a bias toward existing policy."

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Tom said...

". . .do not understand why their children are never well. . ."

I know so many, many parents in exactly this situation.

There are so many kids who are not autistic, or PDD, or asthmatic, or diabetic, or even diagnosed with anything. . .

and yet--they are just sickly. They are literally just always getting sick! Or their development is "off" in a way that never gets diagnosed, but you just see a child who is so much more immature than their peers.

I hope we can stop some of this madness very, very soon.

Terri Lewis

Freeman said...

Gosh, you do your research early!

I know that you do this primarily because you love and care for your babe :) But, I'm also really grateful that you make the information available to those of us who have less Capitol Hill savvy. It's interesting and helpful to look at these things, especially when they can affect the children that I work with everyday. I commend your work!