Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hepatitis B --- No Child of Mine...

... is EVER getting a Hepatitis B vaccine again. Ever! My firstborn got it, and I pray he will not succumb to any of the proven complications. [EDIT: This vaccine is given at the hospital after birth, at one month and at six months.]

I just finished watching the segment on Hep B in Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's DVD, Vaccines: The Risks, Benefits and Choices, and I need no more convincing. If you want a good starting point for researching vaccines, get this DVD. You will not regret hearing what she has to say.
Dr. Tenpenny is an osteopath and put over 6,000 hours of research (yes, she counted!) into collecting vaccine information from medical journals. As she said, this information is "hidden in plain sight." .... All right, my commercial is over. (Do you think people would hate me if I gave them this as a baby shower gift? :) ha ha) Here is what I learned. Keep in mind her data comes from medical journals and the CDC.

Is my child at risk for Hepatitis B?
Considering that the virus is transferred by blood and is endemic in populations of IV drug users, prostitutes, homosexual men, and homeless persons, I kinda doubt it. If he should end up in one of these lifestyles one day, I'll talk to him about making some better choices.

How dangerous is it?

  • 50% of exposed people develop no symptoms and have lifetime immunity. Sweet.
  • 30% develop flu-like symptoms, recover, and have lifetime immunity. Not bad!
  • 20% actually develop symptoms bad enough to trek to the doctor, where they are diagnosed with the virus. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, jaundice and increased liver enzymes.
  • Of those 20%, 95% recover completely, but 5% become chronic carriers.

The CDC touts this as one of the first "anti-cancer" vaccines because they say it protects from the possibility of getting carcinoma and/or liver disease from Hep B. BUT ... that cancer/liver disease shows up anywhere from 10-30 years after the virus, and only in 25% of the 5% of that 20% above (that's a really small #!). And since those folks who got it are probably going on with their same unhealthy lifestyles, you gotta wonder if perhaps their behaviors were further weakening their immune systems and setting them up for disaster.

Is the vaccine risky?
According to a study in the Journal of Autoimmunity, "There is no doubt that the new recombinant hepatitis B virus vaccine has the ability to trigger autoimmunity." (Dec. 1996) Dr. Tenpenny has many adult patients on long-term, chronic disability from Hep B vaccine, and this autoimmunity finding is littered throughout the medical journals. There was even a case of a 35-day-old baby getting Kawasaki disease (a blood vessel disorder) one day after his 2nd dose of Hep B!

Could this be the reason Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis is affecting one in four children under 16?! Type I diabetes is also an autoimmune disorder Dr. Tenpenny mentioned. (She explains molecular mimicry and how antibodies from vaccines can turn on our tissues.)

The CDC says that any "presumed risks" of Hep B vaccine should be weighed against the "expected risk of acute and chronic liver disease." Yet they are inoculating our infants as part of a U.S. strategy to "eliminate" Hep B transmission, with no proof that it is safe for infants (the manufacturer only tested on 5- and 10-year olds and testified before Congress to this fact). AND the CDC says the same size dose should be given to preemies, full-term infants, older children and adults. We don't even do this with Tylenol!

Dr. Tenpenny said that she would devote her life to getting this vaccine off the pediatric schedule if she could. (I wonder how much money that would take, to defeat the power of the billions of dollars of Big Pharma?)

I hope this information is helpful to some of my fellow concerned parents out there. Let them come after this mother bear the next time I'm birthing a baby ... I'll show 'em what it's like.

:) (gratuitous George Costanza quote)

Thanks, Shannon, for letting your buds borrow the DVD. And thanks, Michelle, for letting me borrow it from you!

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Mary said...

You got it.

My daughter developed JRA at 1 year old --- that's ONE YEAR OLD. And it was directly, and I mean directly, linked to her MMR series.

First daughter almost died in the ER after her vaccines.

Wake up parents and follow the's a scam and it has been since the beginning of vaccines.........maybe once, way back in the small pox days when a vaccine was considered a ground up scab blown in your nose, MAYBE then the purpose of vaccination meant something.

But today, it's a cash cow...........period.