Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"None of These Parents Should Have to Be Here"

At the suggestion of one of my commentors, I am adding Age of Autism in my link box. I have visited the site only a few times, but really appreciate their knowledge & expertise. Through these autism blogs are whole underground networks of "collateral damage for the vaccine program," as Wendy Fournier put it (Wendy is President of the National Autism Association). Those brave and hurting parents who are standing up to the "machine" of public health policy and demanding that American children not be harmed anymore. I grieve for parents like them, that their doctors weren't more up front about the real risks of vaccination. But I also see much hope for them in the support they have in one another and the progress being made to treat autism.

"Jenny asked parents to take the microphone and talk about their children. We heard the same heartbreaking story over and over again. Our baby was perfect, he met all of his developmental milestones and after receiving multiple vaccines, we lost him.

"I stood in the back of the room with tears streaming down my face, shaking uncontrollably with profound sadness for these parents as I saw the pain on their faces and heard their voices crack with emotion."

" I looked around that room, all I could think was that there were so many people there - this should have been over long ago, and none of these parents should have to be here."

-- From Meltdown in Cherry Hill (where Jenny McCarthy spoke to a crowd of families with vaccine-inured children) on the Age of Autism blog

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