Monday, May 12, 2008

CBS Evening News TONIGHT

My email to friends today... (if only I could tell them all I really know!):

Dear Friends,

I thought you might be interested to know that tonight, CBS Evening News is supposed to air a segment on some more of the families whose autistic children they believe were harmed by thimerasol (mercury) in vaccines. It *should* air at 6:30 or 7:00. Hopefully, the programming won't change, but I heard this first-hand from one of the families interviewed for the show.

Here is an article on yahoo about the new "test cases" coming down the pike in vaccine court -- there are about 5000 families like the one in the news back in March (Hannah Poling), and the government needs to decide how to judge them all, so they have hand-selected certain ones to be sort of like "examples." (Just so you know, Paul Offit, who makes a patronizing comment about so-called "anti-vaccine" families in the article, has a financial conflict of interest as he owns part of the patent on Rotateq, a vaccine which has actually killed and harmed babies):
Documentation on Rotateq deaths here:

And I have a conflct of interest as I have a child I want to remain healthy.

This is a very controversial subject in the news and there is lots of misconception. What is most important to recognize here is that thimerasol is actually a mercury derivative and mercury is actually a poison. Earning my degree in public health I learned that loud and clear - and back in World War II, they actually had to label vaccines containing thimerasol as "toxic." The term "mad hatter" even came into being because hatters literally went mad -- mercury was used in the hat-curing process and they breathed it and touched it. It's very serious stuff, yet it's been injected into babies' bloodstreams for years.

Thimerasol has been removed from most vaccines, but there are still a few that contain it. (Hello!) You can see them here: What's strange is that instead of dumping the supply of thimerasol-containing vaccines back when the government said to phase it out, vaccine manufacturers and public health decision-makers decided to use it up here and also send it abroad to developing nations. (Again, hello!) If anyone wants documentation for this, let me know, I'll direct you to the right place.

My position is probably very clear now that you've read this far. All I meant to do was tell you about the program tonight, but couldn't help discussing a little more - sorry. Anyway, just thought you might be interested... lots of information out there and it may actually be a little worse than the mainstream media reports.


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