Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Working on the political side of things....

I've added some things to the sidebar over there ... if you hadn't noticed. These items are for those who are interested in knowing what's going on in Congress and other branches of the government, and how we grass roots folks can voice our concerns.

Let me be clear and honest about a few things here. After only two months of researching vaccines for myself, I have grave, grave concerns about the hazards that we, as parents, are subjecting our children to unwittingly. I am FOR informed consent on vaccination. This means I believe the public deserves FULL DISCLOSURE on ALL vaccine risks, the true numbers of people affected by those complications, and the true likelihood of our children having serious problems from the very diseases we are vaccinating against -- before we vaccinate. (I believe many or most diseases are blown out of proportion, now that I've spent some time looking at them.)

I am FOR full studies on the health problems of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations. I believe many vaccines have created health problems in our nation's children. We deserve to know. Now.

I am not against vaccination, as long as it is safe. I'm just concerned that it's not. And people are making money off drugs that are hurting our babies. It's just wrong.

Again, every parent needs to decide for him/herself what is best for their children. I still have not decided which vaccines I will allow my children and which I will not (except for Hepatitis B, as I wrote earlier. And though I haven't "officially" decided, the MMR is one heck of a scary vaccine to me). Even if everyone found the same information as me, they may not make the same decisions as me. I respect that completely!

More later. Gotta race to get ready for the day before the baby wakes.

One more thing - I found out that the child whose case jump-started my vaccine research (a local family) was injured by the MMR. Her father makes a point of gently telling new parents her story, because he hopes some will listen and do their homework. I did. I hope my blog encourages others to do theirs as well.

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