Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I Didn't Give a Dollar to Autism the Other Day

Last Friday, my husband and I took our little man to Toys R Us to spend some of his birthday money (I was surprised by how many people give a one-year-old money on his b-day!) I'd (ahem, I mean he'd)been wanting one of those cute "push-around" buggies made by Step 2, so we can cruise around the 'hood.

At the register, there are signs hanging with puzzle pieces and children's faces on them -- the organization represented is Autism Speaks. When you pay the nice cashier, they ask you if you want to give a dollar to autism. A few months ago, I am sure I would have said yes, but after learning some things about this particular organization, I had to be "that person" who couldn't even spare a buck. Here's why:

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