Thursday, May 8, 2008

The document you should read

David Kirby, the journalist/author who writes regularly about the vaccine-autism story and wrote Evidence of Harm, posted the court document I assume is Hannah Poling's concession from the government (David removed the names of the family). As he suggests, perhaps every American should just read this for themselves and interpret it with their own thinking skills.

The government wants you to forget about Hannah Poling, and the nearly 5,000 other families waiting their turn in "vaccine court" with autism cases. They are hoping this will all blow over. Let's not let that happen again. This has been going on far too long.

Albeit, not every child getting vaccinated becomes autistic, but that's no reason not to make concentrated efforts to protect all children. As David says, "When a kid with peanut allergy eats a peanut and dies, we don't say 'his underlying metabolic condition was significantly aggravated to the extent of manifesting as an anaphylactic shock with features of death.' No, we say the peanut killed the poor boy. Remove the peanut from the equation, and he would still be with us today."

My question is, what are the CDC, the FDA and the AAP going to do about this? The answer is, nothing, unless the grass roots get organized and call (repeatedly and loudly) for real change. I am still not sure how we do that, but I hope to learn more and post it here. For now, there is a
big rally being organized for June 4th in D.C., led by Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and autism parents. From there, I hope this movement picks up steam and does not go away.

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Fred said...

Best of luck to both of us!

Two weeks ago my wife MyLinda and I were interviewed by CBS Evening News for a story about the upcoming trial in Vaccine Court, Our son, Jordan is the first named plaintiff in a class action lawsuit as a result of his reaction to thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative that is still used in vaccines. There are about 4,900 children in the class who believe that their children developed autism as a result of exposure to mercury in vaccines.

I am writing to let you know that CBS Evening News will be broadcasting the story on Monday, May 12 at 6:30. Our family and other Oregon families were interviewed for this story and we think that part of that interview will be included.

There is more information about it at these links:

Apologies for any unwanted junk mail and double postings!